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Black and White and Red All Over

July 2, 2010

What’s black and white, and red all over?
– Newspaper.
– Embarrassed zebra.
– Jenopolis in her new outfit.

(details after the jump…)

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Ay, Caramba!

June 28, 2010

Summertime heat is here.  Kinda makes a girl want to sizzle, no?  So, here I am, ready for a sultry night of dancing on the beaches of some South American paradise.

One last thing– I don’t have a dance partner.  Hmmmm.  What to DO?  Guess I’ll be conducting auditions of broad-shouldered Latin gods to hold me close and teach me how to samba.  (By appointment only, contact Jenopolis.  🙂 )

Outfit details
Top: Beetlebones, Shake Your Tail Feathers in hunter green
Skirt: Zaara, Larin skirt in forest splash
Shoes: Coco, Multicolored Sandals in gold
Necklace: Deco, Fandangle Necklace in olive
Skin: Curio, Vixen in Petal, 24K
Hair: W&Y, Hair 101 in black

Sweet Little Pookie

June 8, 2010

Reason number 112 why SL is an outstanding place to live:  You can gorge yourself on sweets all you like, and still fit into all of your haute couture.  Wooohoo!

If you have a sweet tooth that needs some attending to, I strongly suggest you take a stroll over to Pookie Promenade, suetabulous yootz’s clever and cutey shopping mall.  Her Pookie Patisserie there is yummmmmmilicious, and the eating animations are a total riot!!  But the pixelated cupcakes aren’t the only sugary confections there– this collection of stores is absolutely the most sweet, yummy, girly, fun little band of fashion stalls I have run across in a long time.  It inspired a truly little girl mood, complete with squealing and a decided lack of self control as I parted with my Lindens… and stuffed my face.

(details, squees, and slurls after the jump…)

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Let It Snow

December 11, 2009

I’m longing for snow!  *sigh* And since I have none of the white stuff outside my door, I was determined that Jenopolis should have some fun playing around in it.  A mish mash of my favorite homey feeling snow clothes ensued…

The basis for this outfit was the new(ish) Lanie skirt from Modd.G, which has to be the most fashion forward interpretation of lederhosen I have ever experienced.  Toooo fun!  Another item that deserves mention: Untone Quilt handwarmers.  These are a lesson for me, proving my “buy now, buy now!”  philosophy is the right one in SL– I went around today to look for Untone Quilt again, and found… nothing.  😦  I miss you, Untone Quiltie!  Are you really gone?  Or just hiding on me??  Hmmm.  In the meantime, check out my wildly unrealistic-for-snow but gawgeous pumps– “toadstool pumps” (cuteness!) from Beetlebones.  Lurve.

So, I am going to make some cut out snowflakes now, and decorate my windows.  Until next time, happy shopping!  Muah!

Skin: Pink Fuel, Skye in Honey with Kaoru makeup
Hair and Cap: Cake, Zephyr beanie hair
Shirt: Etoile, Ahoy Thermal Pull
Skirt: Modd.G, Lanie skirt in gray
Scarf: BP*, crochet scarf 1
Arm Warmers: Untone Quilt, handwarmers in pink
Tights:  Ohmai, Basis Sheer Legging in nudist
Socks: Maitreya, Slouch Socks in Aubergine
Shoes: Beetlebones, Toadstool pumpsies in red

Winter Schlump

December 6, 2009

There is one good thing about being off the SL grid for a while– when you get back, you have a whole season’s worth of beautiful clothes to try on.  Today, I reveled in my accumulated mass of fashion, and fixated on creating a little Winter Schlump… you know, the kind of clothes you wear to hole up in with your friends, enjoying a hot chocolate spiked with whisky and watching old Christmas flicks.  The art of the cozy yet aesthetically pleasing schlump.

The first outfit was totally inspired by this Pr!tty hair, which was a new find for me in a tiny corner of Black Market– it is so dramatic without being fussy and formal, and it is BIG.  I love big!  And the rose-studded hair band is super sweet, no?  So sweet, in fact, that I couldn’t resist a little bad attitude…

I am also a little (err, a lot) in love with my winter whites here.  The cardigan is courtesy of Ohmai, and if she isn’t genius with creating fashion forward schlump, I don’t know who is!  The cardi here is just great, with a perfect length and hang to wear with a million things.  Complementing it here is a skirt I couldn’t love more, the Niniko skinny skirt.  Of course, leave it to Niniko to make the skinny skirt an outstanding cargo, devoid of the Mad Men sex kitten thing and all about looking cozy as can be without a hint of poof.  I adore the belt, and the sculpted pockets on the back are just GAWgeous.  To spice up the neutrals, I tossed on another tee from my incresingly tall pile of Gbberish stuff– such a statement piece!

One more thing– these BOOTS.  If I had them in rl, I just know I would have a hard time taking them off.  Ever.  Beetlebones at its best, they are quirky and comfy and so different!  The tassles make me smile like crazy, and I can’t wait to wear them in another color with another outfit and see what other magic they can spin.

Outfit One
Skin: Rockberry, Mia natural with freckles
Hair: Pr!tty, Runway model hair in Rose
Shirt: Gbberish, Urban Tees in Dark Maiden
Cardigan: Ohmai, Basic Pocket Cardigan in Nudist
Skirt: Niniko, Tight Skirt and Belt in Beige
Necklace: beetlebones, Clamshell Necklace in black and gold
TightsRoyal Blue, Line to the Crown in Toxic Spill
Bag: Royal Blue, Slouchy Pouchy in Thoughtful Nutmeg
Bootsbeetlebones, Snuggies low boots in green

Details on the other two outfits after the jump.  (Go on, jump!  I’ll catch you!)

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Two Faces of Shopping

December 4, 2009

Hello again!  Sorry for the long break, but I finally found my way back into SL this week, and have had one heck of a shopping spree.  It will take many many many blog posts to properly rhapsodize on allllll the wonderful stuff I have collected.  Even longer to catch up on all my favorite bloggers and realize I am about 6 weeks late, and all the cool kids already have this stuff!  🙂

Come to think of it, there is a lot of shopping to do everywhere lately: toy stores, grocery stores, party dresses, online gifty buys, Xmas tree, Xmas cards… on and on.  It’s a darn good thing there I love to accumulate!  But even I have my days when one more store, one more uncrossed-off-list item gets to be a bit… overwhelming.  I suppose that is where this post comes from.  The two faces of holiday shopping.

OK, so I may appear panicked,  but that is clearly not because of the way I look.  Seriously, have you seen this coat?  It is off the hook yummy, from Gbberish.  The patterns and ideas in that store make me feel like I am raiding the most awesome vintage store ever.  This pattern is called Maple in honor of the cutie maple leafs all over it, and comes with a warm-looking sweater underneath.  Can I get a squeeeee??

Because the coat is so darn toasty (and a bit floofy and bulky on bottom) I just paired it with my fave Ohmai basic sheer leggings.  I don’t know why, but these tights are a part of pretty much every outfit I put on, now that summer is over.  Oh wait, I know why– because they RAWK.  Look at the texture!  Yayyy, Ohmai!!

As if the coat isn’t distinctive enough, I had to pull on some brand spanking new shoes from Courtisane— “La Vivien”, if you please.  They are super chic, to the point where my toes seem to disappear and I’m not sure how they would do on ACTUAL ice as opposed to pixelated.  But who cares?  They look outstanding– and even with disappearing-foot technology built in, they are super easy thanks to covered toes.  (phew!  I knew there was a reason I liked winter– no skin matching…)

After the panic subsides, isn’t this the feeling you really hope to achieve?  A minute out in the snow, looking at the lights of the stores, feeling like a little kid again?  🙂  I am a raging, sappy-ass sentimentalist about the holidays, so you have to forgive my cheesiness. But I have to tell you, I felt that lovely magical holiday shopping bliss come over me when I went to Black Market to pick up some elf shoes by beetlebones— and that’s where I snapped this pic.  The sim is looking outrageously wonderful with the snowstorm on the water and the nighttime with the scattered shops all doing some fun Xmas lights.  On top of that– great Christmas sales!!  Each week for the month of December a different group of designers will be selling a limited collection item for just L$100 or less.  Up this week: the aforementioned beetlebones elf shoes and four other goodies from skream, Mudhoney, Sanu, and Tarnished.  On the 9th, a whole other group of designer exclusives will be out… head to Black Market for all the details and designer names.  So worth it!

That’s all for now, kiddies.  I’ll be trying on all my new stuff, though, and blogging it as much as I can.  Until then, ho ho ho and merry merry, and may you find your holiday shopping bliss!

Outfit Details
Coat dress: Gbberish, Isabeau Coatdress in Maple
Leggings: Ohmai, Basic Sheer Leggings in Maroon
ShoesCourtisane, Vivien in Orange
Bag: Gbberish, I Love Doggy Bag
Earrings: beetlebones, Harem earrings in golden fuchsia
Hair: Curio, Gertrude in Natural red
Skin: KA Designs, Sayria pale freckles
Poses: Diesel Works, Shake Set– BRAND NEW RELEASE!

Shopping Suggestions
Black Market: The Black Market, fashionista finds
Xmas Décor: NIRVANA Winter & Christmas Decoratations

Walk in the Fall

October 20, 2009

This is the first year I’ve spent the fall in such a warm climate, and it has my heart aching for real autumn weather!  My New England girl roots wish I had a little less hot sun, and a little more sweater weather.  So, if I can’t take a walk in the crisp, cool fall woods, at least Jenopolis can.  🙂


I have been waiting for months to wear this sweater from Hotch Potch.  I can almost feel how cozy and sporty the fabric is, and the detail of the baggy fit is perfect: not too shapeless, not too tight.  It comes in some fun and funky colors, as well as the basic black I am wearing.  And the sleeves are the perfect length– something I looove to see.


I think you all know by now I am a fan of the uber-cute suetabulous yootz and her store, Beetlebones.  I was thrilled when I found out she was expanding her repertoire into hair!  This one is a preview of a style for the Designers United Crow event, and the cap is unbelievably fabulous in its detail.  Not only is it a touch-to-change pattern, the shape is so different.  Little points on the top, and almost floppy but not quite.  Yayyyy cute!

close up

The skin is JM Mai, and what can I say about it that you can’t see?  I am a huge fan of the red cheeks, perfect for a cool autumn day, and the lips are shiny and so real, and the freckles are perfectly placed.  Super cute, and not tooooo perfect.  One of my favorite casual skins, hands down.


To top off the outfit (or… uhhh… bottom it off?)  I slipped on my favorite hoorenbeek slip-ons.  These have an easy pattern changing system, and today I was feeling the hello kitty.   But for tramping around on fallen leaves and soft wet grass, nothing could be better or more comfy.

Details below… and if you have nice cool crisp fall weather where you are, send me some, would ya?  🙂

Outfit Details
Skin: JM Mai, skin yen in t04
Hair and Cap: Beetlebones, Designers United for Crow (preview hair) in ginger red
Sweater: Hotch Potch, rakugaki jersey in kuro
JeansDoux Petit Dahl, The Jeans in pedal pusher length, dark and dirty
Socks: Maitreya, Sculpted Socks in Fuchsia
Shoes: Hoorenbeek, Women Slip Ons in girl prints