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Walk in the Fall

October 20, 2009

This is the first year I’ve spent the fall in such a warm climate, and it has my heart aching for real autumn weather!  My New England girl roots wish I had a little less hot sun, and a little more sweater weather.  So, if I can’t take a walk in the crisp, cool fall woods, at least Jenopolis can.  🙂


I have been waiting for months to wear this sweater from Hotch Potch.  I can almost feel how cozy and sporty the fabric is, and the detail of the baggy fit is perfect: not too shapeless, not too tight.  It comes in some fun and funky colors, as well as the basic black I am wearing.  And the sleeves are the perfect length– something I looove to see.


I think you all know by now I am a fan of the uber-cute suetabulous yootz and her store, Beetlebones.  I was thrilled when I found out she was expanding her repertoire into hair!  This one is a preview of a style for the Designers United Crow event, and the cap is unbelievably fabulous in its detail.  Not only is it a touch-to-change pattern, the shape is so different.  Little points on the top, and almost floppy but not quite.  Yayyyy cute!

close up

The skin is JM Mai, and what can I say about it that you can’t see?  I am a huge fan of the red cheeks, perfect for a cool autumn day, and the lips are shiny and so real, and the freckles are perfectly placed.  Super cute, and not tooooo perfect.  One of my favorite casual skins, hands down.


To top off the outfit (or… uhhh… bottom it off?)  I slipped on my favorite hoorenbeek slip-ons.  These have an easy pattern changing system, and today I was feeling the hello kitty.   But for tramping around on fallen leaves and soft wet grass, nothing could be better or more comfy.

Details below… and if you have nice cool crisp fall weather where you are, send me some, would ya?  🙂

Outfit Details
Skin: JM Mai, skin yen in t04
Hair and Cap: Beetlebones, Designers United for Crow (preview hair) in ginger red
Sweater: Hotch Potch, rakugaki jersey in kuro
JeansDoux Petit Dahl, The Jeans in pedal pusher length, dark and dirty
Socks: Maitreya, Sculpted Socks in Fuchsia
Shoes: Hoorenbeek, Women Slip Ons in girl prints

Quiet Quirk

October 19, 2009


I am the first to reach for my neon greens and fuschia when I am feeling particularly odd on any given day, but it is Monday.  I am feeling… quiet.  Sleepy.  And still a bit quirky.  So I pulled together this look entirely in shades of nude and white, inspired by the feeling of a Monday morning lull and the brilliant new stuff in my closet from Ohmai and Clawtooth.


The dress is Emma’s Ruffles, a utterly cute creation from Ohmai.  I think my favorite thing about shopping Ohmai, though, is looking through the names of the colors!  This is Nile Nudist.  Hee!  Doesn’t it just conjure up images of floating on Cleopatra’s barge in nothing but a black wig with a gold snake tiara?

Other than the name, of course, the silhouette is soooo yummy, and it comes as a dress (as shown here) and as a tunic top as well.  Squee!  I am a sucka for a twofa!


The other standout piece in this outfit is the 50 Linden special from Clawtooth this week.  A birdie made a nest on my head!!  I know, this has been around for a while, but I hadn’t seen it in this autumnal, soft color before, and I just love it.

A stunning necklace from ICON, some supercool tights from DARE, and a pair of unstoppably funky shoes from Miel all came together with the dress and err… hat.  I am ready to face Monday, in all its beigey dayness.

Hope you had a great weekend, and Happy Week!  🙂

Skin: LeLutka, Eclat light in makeup 1
Hair: Clawtooth, A place to call home in strawberry
Dress: Ohmai, Emma’s Ruffles in Nile Nudist
TightsDARE, Lace Stockings in Bronzy
Shoes: Miel, Flor Jane in light
Necklace: ICON, HA Necklace in gold/gunmetal

Where Am I?

October 13, 2009

europe and sitting

I stumbled on Rumsey Maps today, and I just had to share.  I admit I’m a bit of a map geek, but what’s not to love??  Huge reproductions of antique maps, some on the ground, some flat and vertical, some suspended globes hanging above the terrain, and some are the terrain itself!  So I put on some of my favorite new casual duds, and took some touristy pics to give you a free tour. 🙂

My favorite map was the one above– an enormous old map of the world, laid out on the ground so you can walk from Siberia to South America and across all seven oceans.    After I was done checking out Europe from my seat in Tangiers, I mosied on over to India:

shoes and India

In addition to enlightening me on some of the old names of Indian cities, it was a chance for me to take a pic of some of my favorite shoes– from Periquita.  🙂  (You didn’t think I would totally ignore the fashion part, did you??)  I think they look particularly great with the Ohmai leggings, which have JUST the right length to them!

After a little admiring of footwear, I scooted into the 3D map and wandered the black and white valleys and peaks.

full view

Walking on water, I think.  The lack of blue confuses me!

close up

The big 3D reproduction of a drawing of the Grand Canyon was vivid and fascinating as well.  Kind of makes you think of what people had to look at to imagine far away places, waaaaay back when.  Not much to go on!  🙂

Have a fun, geeked out afternoon sometime and check it out!  In the meantime, here’s the deets on the outfit, and I hope you enjoyed the tour!

Skin: My Ugly Dorothy, Joe skin
Hair: W&Y, Hair 74 in Mocha
Jacket: Modd G, Kanji knit cropped jacket in brown
ShirtGbberish, Urban Tee Bleeding Heart
Skirt: Maitreya, Jules Jean Skirt in light
LeggingsOhmai, Basic Leggings in Wood
ShoesPeriquita, Too Too (color change!)
Earrings: ICED, Gold Nelly Earrings
Map Fun: David Rumsey Maps

Back to Blog

October 12, 2009

Helloooooooo!  I have sufficiently recovered from wedding and post-wedding madness, and the scrapbook is done, and the pics are picked out and ordered, and the dress is even cleaned and boxed.  PHEW.  Time to get back to my favorite virtual closet, and catch up on some much neglected shopping!

back to school

The outfit above was totally inspired by the wonderful gingham dress by beetlebones.  Yay!  What a cuteness this is, and I love the stoplight red and deep plummy colors all criss crossed together.  Beetlebones is really expanding, or so it seems to me in the time warp I’ve been in, catching up on a month of unread notices.  This outfit is from the new(ish) Switch Mall location.  Yay, suetabulous!

I put this together with a new favorite of mine, the Modd G stockings.  They are not revolutionary or anything, but they are really well done stockings with or without feets, and that makes me sooooo happy for fall.  The best thing about them– the colors!  My legs feel ready for anything with my new fatpack.  Now on to the details…

(Close-ups, another outfit, more pics and all the slurls fit to print– after the jump!)

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Pink’d for Half Price

August 27, 2009

Just a quick post to spread the word about Pink‘s half off dress sale– all the dresses at the store are just half price, and that means killer bargains!  Yay!!  If you haven’t experienced Pink’s dresses, then it is definitely a great way to start.  🙂  The sale is going on until August 31.

Here are a few of the dresses on sale– just a sampling, there are plenty more!

blue dress

green dress

red dress

AND… I have saved the biggest treat for last!  The skin in these pics is from Beetlebones!  Squee!  That’s right, the cutie patootie suetabulous yootz has released her first skin, Amelie.  It is a lovely, soft skin with some great details:


I absolutely love the lips, which are so natural and feathered looking, and the body freckles make me sooooo happy!  Yay!  There are several makeups included in the pack, and on top of everything else it is extremely reasonably priced– more than worth the trip down to creator’s pavillion for a set.  🙂

That’s all for now, fellow shop-a-holics!  Enjoy your Thursday, and happy shopping!

Details and Slurls
Dress: Pink, Emi Strapless Dress in bright blue
Jeans: Madsy, Acid Washed jeans in ripped
Boots: Shiny Things, Old Boots in brown
Tank: Beetlebones, mixnmatch sweaters and wifebeaters
Necklaceluc, Nalah Long Ethnic Necklace in blue
Bracelet: eyecandy, Silver and Pale Blue Bangle set
Hair: Amacci, Olivia in deep copper
Skin: Beetlebones, Amelie tan
Dress: Pink, The Dreamer Party Dress in kiwi peony
Shoes: Kalnins, Morning Dew
Bag: Gbberish, Vera Bag
Sunglasses: Gypsy, Sassy Specs
Bracelet: +Plus, Summer Essence Bangle in olive
Hair: lamb, Teased Up in rotten carrot

Skin: Beetlebones, Amelie tan
Dress: Pink, The Cabana Dress in red
Tights: TaP Ribbed Tights (no longer available)
Shoes: [ON], Petanko Cross in aza
Hair: Waffles, Alice Practice in caramel
Skin: Beetlebones, Amelie tan
BraceletHoot, Rose Wristcuff in blush
Earrings: glow studio, Mega earrings

Hodgepodge of Style

August 26, 2009

I honestly can’t believe how much happens in a single day or two of SL time… I took the weekend off, and spent yesterday shopping to see all the things my group notices told me I missed! 🙂

One of those notices alerted me to a new sugarcube store in Hodgepodge.  Yayy!  So I started at sugarcube and spent a lovely couple of hours scouring the whole Hodgepodge shopping sim.  In the end, I threw these outfits together based on the inspiration from alllll the great stuff I found.

big one 2

The hair here is from bffae, a new store that has some very very cute styles!  Here, I have used their Doll Babe, featuring a lovely bun on the top, and Retro Girl, a nice shag with seriously great bangs.  I am looking forward to seeing more from these guys!

The red dress is from Karamia, and I could not resist the bubbleskirt or the flouncy big sleeves.  It just looks like it would be soooo comfortable as well as chic!  The stripes are a lovely texture, with subtle shading up and down the dress.  I used the big, open neckline to spotlight another find from a store in Hodgepodge: Addict‘s appropriately named Doll Necklace.  That store makes me smile, with all the clever and unique accessories!

big one

The second outfit is almost entirely thanks to sugarcube.  Ahhhhh, sugarcube, what have I done to deserve you??  🙂  Yayyyyy a thousand times to this jacket and ruffled shirt, actually found at the Black Market sim, not Hodgepodge.  I can’t say anything about them that you can’t see for yourself, so I will let them express their own utter awesomeness.  The skirt *is* one I picked up at the Hodgepodge sugarcube store, and the bubble and waist are simply lovely– so versatile, I am not ashamed to say I bought all four colors!

To accent the sugarcube outfit with a bit of color, I surrendered to splurging on shoes at Periquita.  I was so delighted by the way these styles effortlessly walk the line between uniquely creative and simple and wearable.  Really outstanding!  To top it off, the shoes have a HUD that lets you customize each pair in many ways: sole, straps, texture, size, etc.  Wow!  All that, and I felt like I was really getting a bargain, in the end…

close up

And finally, I brought out two new skins from KA Designs, from the new Glow collection.  They really live up to the name– truly luminous and subtle.  I especially like the detail on the Charlize face, with the small beauty marks on the pale skin.  Lovely!

That’s it for now… happy shopping, and see you soon!

Hair: bffae, Doll Babe in Carrot
Skin: KA Designs, Charlize 2 in pale
Dress: Karamia, Jersey Tunic in red
Necklace: Addict, Doll Necklace
Leg Warmers: BAX, Wool legwarmer in night
Bracelet: Hoot, Cherry Blossom Bracelet
Shoes: Maitreya, Slinky Stilettos in black
Hair: bffae, Retro Babe in Carrot
Skin: KA Designs, Eris in Sunkissed
Shirt: sugarcube, Ruffled Silk Shirt
Jacket: sugarcube, Peplum Jacket
Skirt: sugarcube, Powder Skirt in grey
Leggings: !Ohmai,  Basics Sheer Leggings
Shoes: Periquita, Too Too Shoes

Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Black Market

August 25, 2009

Jump Ship

The Black Market is a brand new shopping area, and it.  Is.  Impressive.  SQUEE!!

It is not the usual mall set up, either by design or by function.  The “olde-pirate-o’-fashion” scene it creates is super fun, and the shop stalls are a maze of small rooms around a tiny central cove.  Quality designers from different genres in SL are setting up stalls to share their sales and exclusives.   That’s right– a place to shop some of the most creative, cool designers in SL that is devoted to sales and exclusives!  Hee!

Sales and discounted items from each designer will be rotated regularly in 2-3 week intervals, which of course gives shopping addicts a reason to go back again and again, despite the relatively small size of each shop.  My favorite part, I think, was the small collection of dinghies in the middle of the cove, with all the free stuff in them!  A clever idea, and a central area for anyone who just wants the free and 1L items.  Yayyyyy.

I, of course, could not resist a full tour and dropping more than a few Lindens, so here are some of my fave new pieces:

(lots of booty pics… errr, PIRATE booty… with slurls after the jump.)

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