Random Newishness

September 8, 2009

It has been a craaaaaazy week, and one which didn’t allow for much blogging, shopping, or picturing!  Sorry for the break, but I’ll try to catch up with a few outfits using some of the best new stuff I have gotten my pixelated paws on…


As a child of the 80s and 90s, I treasure my Nintendo memories, and these jeans from The Sea Hole made me smile and laugh out loud!  Great acid wash on them, and to top it off, a tribute to Super Mario on each thigh.  *sigh*  Adorable!  To let them stand out, I paired them with bold solids, including a favorite sweatshirt from Fishy Strawberry with the coolest length imaginable… I’ve never see a bolero sweatshirt in real life, but I think they should catch on immediately!  Imagine, all the coolness of a sweatshirt without hiding womanly curves.  Yay!  Add in the clogs from Tesla in a bold green, and I could totally imagine playing around in these duds.



The middle outfit here is all based around this excellent new dress from Elate, called the Penelope.  It has a simple, sexy top with a fish scale skirt that totally rocks.  I played the glamness of it down just a bit with this long vest from MayoNaise, which I got at the Black Market opening weekend.  Such cool ruffles on the bottom, and a clever use of skirt prim that does NOT require a special shape!  The shoes are part of a shopping spree I had at a store I recently discovered, R2 Fashion.  WOW.  Great wearable and funky shapes, in a ton of cool colors.

(more details and slurls after the break)


Last but definitely not least, the cream color “slexy” dress from Beetlebones!  (middle look above) Yee haw!  This is a great silhouette, and like all of Beetlebones’ clothes, it is absolutely impeccable!  The skirt fits soooo easily, and has a real texture and heft.  It is from the new Beetlebones store at the Switchmall– get thee there and check it out!  The bag and necklace make the slexy a bit more sweet, with butterflies and wildflowers.  A tribute to summer as it ends?  In any case, the Stitch by Stitch bag is outstanding, and the necklace from Swallowtail is a real work of art.  Here… take a closer look:

close ups

Oooo, what’s that?  These skins rock??  YES, they do!  Squee!  The one on the left is from the newest Curio Beach pack, and has the trademark stunning lips, coloring, and glow of Curio.  It is impossible to NOT get addicted to this brand!  In the interest of tempting myself with other wares, however, I took a trip to Dutch Touch and found an awesome newish skin with THE most distinctive freckles!  Holy cow, these are cool.

Finally, let’s talk hair.  I experimented with a couple of new fri.day hairs, and the more I see, the more I am impressed with the craftsmanship.  The flow and look are realistic AND luxurious, and they size really really well.  The red color *could* be a bit more fiery for my taste, but that is truly nitpicking!  They are outstanding hairstyles.  The headband style that I paired with the Beetlebones dress is a redo from Mirone— and I have to say, the sizing and sides of these are a BIG improvement over the last version of this exact style!  I loved my Mirone hair, but sizing was always a bit tricky on the sides.  Then, a few days ago, I got these new-and-improved versions to replace them, without requesting them.  SUCH great customer service, above and beyond, to give new versions to customers who bought the old ones!  I was super impressed, with both the gesture and the hair itself.  Yay Mirone!

OK, boys and girls… time for  RealJen to go pick out some napkins and tablecloths.  Only 10 days to go before I am a Mrs… I will try to post as much as I can– I’m thinking of a bridal special in just a few days, sort of a joining of the two worlds? 🙂  Stay tuned, and happy shopping!

outfit one:
Skin: Tyranny Designs, Sweet Augustine Poppy skin (50L Friday release!)
Hair: fri.day, Cameron 2 in Scornful Red
Jacket: fishy strawberry, minihood in yellow
Tank: Ohmai, high rise tank in grass
Jeans: The Sea Hole, Nintendoh jeans
ShoesTesla, Klaks lime clogs
outfit two:
Skin: Curio, Petal Beach 2
Hair: fri.day, Deena in Scornful red
Dress: Elate, Penelope in pink and white
Vest: MayoNaise, Mirotic vest in chocolate
Scarf: {CS} Linen Stole Muffler (no longer available)
Shoes: R2 Fashion, Akamai in pink
outfit three:
Skin: Dutch Touch, MaUVe in Cotton, Violet Blue
Hair: Mirone, Elan 1 in Apricot
Dress: Beetlebones, Bringing Slexy back in cream
Shoes: R2 Fashion, Nani in gold
Bag: Stitch by Stitch, Ibiza bag
Necklace: Swallowtail Designs, Butterfly Necklace

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