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October 12, 2009

Helloooooooo!  I have sufficiently recovered from wedding and post-wedding madness, and the scrapbook is done, and the pics are picked out and ordered, and the dress is even cleaned and boxed.  PHEW.  Time to get back to my favorite virtual closet, and catch up on some much neglected shopping!

back to school

The outfit above was totally inspired by the wonderful gingham dress by beetlebones.  Yay!  What a cuteness this is, and I love the stoplight red and deep plummy colors all criss crossed together.  Beetlebones is really expanding, or so it seems to me in the time warp I’ve been in, catching up on a month of unread notices.  This outfit is from the new(ish) Switch Mall location.  Yay, suetabulous!

I put this together with a new favorite of mine, the Modd G stockings.  They are not revolutionary or anything, but they are really well done stockings with or without feets, and that makes me sooooo happy for fall.  The best thing about them– the colors!  My legs feel ready for anything with my new fatpack.  Now on to the details…

(Close-ups, another outfit, more pics and all the slurls fit to print– after the jump!)

close up 2

I am madly, passionately in love with Pink Fuel skins.  I used to think only Curio could capture my heart so utterly, but man… Pink Fuel’s gorgeous work is matching that enthusiasm, squee for squee.  This is from the Quirky collection of the Skye skin, and the makeups are just to die for.  I spotted it at skin fair, my first foray back into SL post-nuptuals, and I am SO glad I managed to get there in time!  The eyes here are… well… QUIRKY, and beautiful, and the luminous skin and freckles are fantabulous.

The hair here was a freebie from Decoy, during last weekend’s huuuuuge sale.  It is worth paying for, though– the headband and bumped up pony are fantastic.  Retro love, lush texture.  I also decided to do something I almost NEVER do, and that is switch out my eyes.  I am very funny about my SL eyes: I have one pair that I ALWAYS wear, and only then does Jenopolis usually look right to me.  I tried out these new eyes from Curio, though, and– YAY!  The prim eye set caught me off guard at first, but I am a total convert.  As you can see, the color is just outstanding, and the corners are so perfect.  SO nice, in fact, that I may just have to try out a few new colors sometime.

back to school 2

Next up is an outfit for the chillier days, and the cornerstone of this look is the great and VERY reasonably priced Gillie dress from Total Betty.  TBets has been having some outrageous sales lately– right now, it’s 75% off everything.  I highly recommend you get down there and take a look, and I doubt you can leave without a few bargains in your bag.  The tights are again from Modd G, and take a look at the shoes.  Ohhhh, these shoes.  Here, look closer:


Maitreya lured me in a few months ago with these, but with summer clothes… I just wasn’t appreciating them enough.  This has changed!  I adore these Soho boots, and they come in a great array of colors, and they are just one more reason why Maitreya can take my Lindens away and still have me smiling.

close up

I tried on another new skin here, too– well, new for me!  League‘s Misty in Deep Smoke.  *swoon*  I love the smudgy eyes, and I can’t remember ever having a skin that did the smudge, smoky eyes SOOO well.  I thought the vibe created by the skin deserved a nouveau-grunge hair, and it gave me the chance to wear this Amacci ‘do for the first time.  I am a new customer at Amacci, and I have to say for me it is hit and miss.  But the hits– like this one– I just adore!    The cap is really well sized, and I love the bangs peeping down at the front.

So that’s it for now… I’m off to catch up on all the newness, and spend FARRRR too much this afternoon.  I’ll be back soon, and until then– happy shopping!

Slurls and Deets
Skin: Pink Fuel, Skye in Honey, Manna
Hair: Decoy, Nicole in Medium Red
Dress: Beetlebones, Stoplight Gringham Babydoll in STOP
Shirt: Pink Outfitters, Total Betty Graphic Tee in deep red
Tights: Modd.G, Basic Stockings in dark prune
Shoes: [ON], petanko cross in venous blood
Bag: Baiastice, Indi bag in red
Eyes: Curio, tragic eyes in starry night
Skin: League, Misty in medium, Deep Smoke
Hair (and hat): Amacci, Elvira in Copper
Dress: Total Betty, Gillie in Green
Tights: Modd.G, Basic Stockings in black
Shoes: Maitreya, Soho Boots in shabby chic

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