Feast Your Eyes

July 13, 2010

Prim eyelashes. *sigh* Is there anything more fiddly for the SL fashionista to fit?  I have two pairs that I wear routinely, mainly because they already fit and I can’t be bothered to spend time on others.  That is, until yesterday.  Yesterday, you see, I made it a mission of mine not to be such a wimp. Fashion is so eeeeeeasy in SL, it is easy to get lazy about it.  Buy it, wear it, mix it, layer it… a few little clicks.  But in real life, fashion is suffering: be it 4 inch heels or starving into a season of miniskirts.  It was high time for Jenopolis to pay the price of looking good.

So– here are three stellar eyelash sets which I fitted myself in an unusual display of patience and mild suffering.  Not that they are perfect… I’m not THAT good with details.  But I did step back afterwards and think– dang!  Worth the time.  They are pretty amazing little pieces of art.

Also– as a little extra treat for the eyelash work, I featured some thrifty finds of mine from the last week or so.  Including a gorgeous 100L skin!  Enjoy…

Squee Alerts:

  • Bold, luscious retro lashes.  Natch.
  • 100L 6-color pack hair, from Tiny Bird.  There’s a big summer sale going on at the moment, go load up!
  • Beautiful skin from dekade– a special makeup addition available for just 100L!
Outfit #1 details
Dress: This is a Fawn, Caulfield Dress in plaid
Tights: DARE, Lace Stockings in lemony
Bracelet: LaGyo, Single Squiala in yellow
Necklace: TS, Lollipop Necklace in yellow
Eyelashes: glow studio, Bolder Eyelashes in pompadour
Shoes: Periquita, Silly Wedges (customizable color)
Skin: dekade, Brooke Special Makeup
Hair: Tiny Bird, Chelsea Hotel in golden auburn

Squee Alerts:

  • Gorgeous fluffy cloud lashes.  I feel like an angel in these!
  • Delicious dress from Cockles.  Have I mentioned I feel like an angel?
  • Same skin. Same squee.
Outfit #2 details
Dress: Cockles, Blossom Dress in vanilla
Tights : !O, Basics Sheer Leggings in nudist
Boots: Shiny Things, Wrapped Stiletto Boot in white
Fingernails: Love Soul, Brilliant Glossy in black
Eyelashes: glow studio, Air Eyelashes in Dove
Skin: dekade, Brooke Special Makeup
Hair: Clawtooth, Timeless Glamour in starlet blonde

Squee Alerts:

  • Delicious heavy lower lashes.
  • Nails from Love Soul.
  • Tiny Bird hair– 100L!!
  • Same skin.  I think I’m beginning to luuuurve it. 🙂
Outfit #1 details
Top: !O, Love Control
Skirt: Niniko, Chiffon Skirt in pink
Shoes: 50 flats, Jeweled Flats in pink
Nails: Love Soul, Milky Way
Eyelashes: dekade, Marina lashes
Skin: dekade, Brooke Special Makeup
Hair: Tiny Bird, Wild Horses in golden auburn

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