Black and White and Red All Over

July 2, 2010

What’s black and white, and red all over?
– Newspaper.
– Embarrassed zebra.
– Jenopolis in her new outfit.

(details after the jump…)

In this case, the red all over is actually red all over my head– in the form of a new Beetlebones hairstyle, soon to be released.  (Tx, Sue!! 🙂 ) It is very “bedhead for a fraulein”, I think… with a whiff of Princess Leia letting her buns down jusssst a tad.  Super cute, super fun!

The black and whiteness itself was inspired by this top from Kenzie & Co.  From the front, it’s just a fun black and white print.  From the back– whoa!  A racerback made out of a zipper.  LOVE!  It pairs really well, in my humble opinion, with this slightly highwaisted mini from Beetlebones and a pair of cropped Armidi leggings.

Okay, okay.  I know what you are waiting for.  The SHOES.  Holy moly, these shoes are outstanding!!  Custom toes, strappy wrappy goodness, a little height, optional choice of toe ring, selection of nail colors… J’s is genius.  And– not that expensive considering the quality of the shoe.  I have a couple of Maitreya Gold pairs and they are masterpieces, but I get a bit queasy when I think of how much I paid for them (L$1100, I think).  I got this pair at J’s for one third of the price!  My one complaint– it is not very easy to adjust the skin color on these puppies.  It took me a while to figure out the HUD despite the enclosed notecard with directions.  Not a deal-breaker by any means, but it is worth mentioning.

Have a great, in living color kind of day no matter what you wear.  Happy shopping and see you soon. *muah!*

Outfit details
Top: K&Co, Zipper Racerback Tank in stripes 4
Skirt: BB, Trump Miniskirt in black
Shoes: J’s, Studded Wedge Sandals in black
Necklace: luc, Chakra Long Beads in white
Scarf: MichaMi, Ebba Scarf in white
Tights: Armidi Limited, Metallic Tights in white
Skin: Curio, April in Petal, Bunny 1
Hair: BBHair, Heike in reddish brown (pre-release)

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