About Ms. Peccable

Impeccables is a look book, an extension of my love for playing dress up in SL.  I can’t get over the creativity that goes into well-designed SL clothes and sims, mainly because– alas– I am absolute rubbish at building things myself.  My own brand of creativity is in trying to show off these amazing virtual creations to their best effect with a pic and a blog post.  I tend to get pretty excited and I only wear the things I really like when I create these outfits– so if you are scared of a little squeeing, you best get out now (while you can)!

My rezday was in March 2007, and since then I have lived a few different phases– clueless noob, high priced call girl, failed businesswoman, successful nonprofiteer, virtual girlfriend, club kid, the list goes on. Nowadays it is very unusual to find me doing anything other than shopping, trying on clothes, and taking pics.  I’m still a social butterfly at heart, though, so if you want to chat about a shop, or a new release, or a blog post– send me an IM!  Just ask for Jenopolis…

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