Two Faces of Shopping

December 4, 2009

Hello again!  Sorry for the long break, but I finally found my way back into SL this week, and have had one heck of a shopping spree.  It will take many many many blog posts to properly rhapsodize on allllll the wonderful stuff I have collected.  Even longer to catch up on all my favorite bloggers and realize I am about 6 weeks late, and all the cool kids already have this stuff!  🙂

Come to think of it, there is a lot of shopping to do everywhere lately: toy stores, grocery stores, party dresses, online gifty buys, Xmas tree, Xmas cards… on and on.  It’s a darn good thing there I love to accumulate!  But even I have my days when one more store, one more uncrossed-off-list item gets to be a bit… overwhelming.  I suppose that is where this post comes from.  The two faces of holiday shopping.

OK, so I may appear panicked,  but that is clearly not because of the way I look.  Seriously, have you seen this coat?  It is off the hook yummy, from Gbberish.  The patterns and ideas in that store make me feel like I am raiding the most awesome vintage store ever.  This pattern is called Maple in honor of the cutie maple leafs all over it, and comes with a warm-looking sweater underneath.  Can I get a squeeeee??

Because the coat is so darn toasty (and a bit floofy and bulky on bottom) I just paired it with my fave Ohmai basic sheer leggings.  I don’t know why, but these tights are a part of pretty much every outfit I put on, now that summer is over.  Oh wait, I know why– because they RAWK.  Look at the texture!  Yayyy, Ohmai!!

As if the coat isn’t distinctive enough, I had to pull on some brand spanking new shoes from Courtisane— “La Vivien”, if you please.  They are super chic, to the point where my toes seem to disappear and I’m not sure how they would do on ACTUAL ice as opposed to pixelated.  But who cares?  They look outstanding– and even with disappearing-foot technology built in, they are super easy thanks to covered toes.  (phew!  I knew there was a reason I liked winter– no skin matching…)

After the panic subsides, isn’t this the feeling you really hope to achieve?  A minute out in the snow, looking at the lights of the stores, feeling like a little kid again?  🙂  I am a raging, sappy-ass sentimentalist about the holidays, so you have to forgive my cheesiness. But I have to tell you, I felt that lovely magical holiday shopping bliss come over me when I went to Black Market to pick up some elf shoes by beetlebones— and that’s where I snapped this pic.  The sim is looking outrageously wonderful with the snowstorm on the water and the nighttime with the scattered shops all doing some fun Xmas lights.  On top of that– great Christmas sales!!  Each week for the month of December a different group of designers will be selling a limited collection item for just L$100 or less.  Up this week: the aforementioned beetlebones elf shoes and four other goodies from skream, Mudhoney, Sanu, and Tarnished.  On the 9th, a whole other group of designer exclusives will be out… head to Black Market for all the details and designer names.  So worth it!

That’s all for now, kiddies.  I’ll be trying on all my new stuff, though, and blogging it as much as I can.  Until then, ho ho ho and merry merry, and may you find your holiday shopping bliss!

Outfit Details
Coat dress: Gbberish, Isabeau Coatdress in Maple
Leggings: Ohmai, Basic Sheer Leggings in Maroon
ShoesCourtisane, Vivien in Orange
Bag: Gbberish, I Love Doggy Bag
Earrings: beetlebones, Harem earrings in golden fuchsia
Hair: Curio, Gertrude in Natural red
Skin: KA Designs, Sayria pale freckles
Poses: Diesel Works, Shake Set– BRAND NEW RELEASE!

Shopping Suggestions
Black Market: The Black Market, fashionista finds
Xmas Décor: NIRVANA Winter & Christmas Decoratations

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