Sweet Little Pookie

June 8, 2010

Reason number 112 why SL is an outstanding place to live:  You can gorge yourself on sweets all you like, and still fit into all of your haute couture.  Wooohoo!

If you have a sweet tooth that needs some attending to, I strongly suggest you take a stroll over to Pookie Promenade, suetabulous yootz’s clever and cutey shopping mall.  Her Pookie Patisserie there is yummmmmmilicious, and the eating animations are a total riot!!  But the pixelated cupcakes aren’t the only sugary confections there– this collection of stores is absolutely the most sweet, yummy, girly, fun little band of fashion stalls I have run across in a long time.  It inspired a truly little girl mood, complete with squealing and a decided lack of self control as I parted with my Lindens… and stuffed my face.

(details, squees, and slurls after the jump…)

This dress!  It is so very cool, and from a store I had not heard of before– u.f.o.  As you know, I have been awol for a while and this is one of the best discoveries I have made since my return.  The collection in the store is so delicate and airy– like a big chiffon and lace extravaganza, perfect for summer.  The main accessory I chose for this lovely girly dress?  A cupcake.  And… a CUPCAKE!  (Both baked fresh at the Pookie Patisserie… complete with “stuffing the face” animation.  Squee!)

The next dress is a versatile, chic, oh-so-casual piece from fab suetab herself at Beetlebones, and I have a hard time believing that this does not go with EVERYTHING!  Style it up, down, around, whatevs– can you deny that it will find its way out of your closet a LOT, and in multiple seasons?  🙂  Yayyy!  I spiced it up here with a pair of 1$L leggings from another new find for me– Tee*fee.  Yeah– 1$L.  Can you beleeeeeve it?  The store devotes itself to a huge array of leggings, all done perfectly, and all with one goal: to spice up your legs!  Squeelicious.  🙂  I was not done raiding the patisserie either, so I pulled out a blueberry ice cream pop to go with my hair bow.  And, of course, in honor of Violet Beauregarde.

OK, off to go spelunking for more cool stores!  Try out Pookie if you haven’t already, and give in to your inner girlyness.  Or at least gather a few cupcakes…

Outfit details
*Dress: u.f.o, We love lace in pink
*Tank top: Ohmai, Highrise Tank in barbie
Sweater: Pig, Ladies like Flowers in glass eye
Socks: Atomic, Happy Harajuku in pink
Necklace: (Yummy), Vintage Rose Locket
Hair: W&Y, Hair 53 in mocha
Skin: Nylon Outfitters, Pale Teeth Gap in touch of pink
*Cupcakes: Pookie Patisserie
Outfit details
*Dress: BB, Slouchy tunic in sky
*Tights: Tee*fee, Pookie Easter dollarbie
Bag: duboo, Ice Cream Bag
Necklace: (Yummy), Feather Necklace
Shoes: Miel, Flor Jane in bright
Hair: lamb, Cherry in rotten carrot
Skin: My Ugly Dorothy, Nina in small tail

* these items and stores are all found at Pookie Promenade


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