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Oldie Diner Flick

December 10, 2009

Just a little faux movie fun today, and a few new fave items of mine.  Think 50’s technicolor movie meets hipster girl looking for some breakfast?

First off, the would-be heroine is wearing a fantastic dress from Slow Kitchen.  I know– is there any other kind?  🙂  I particularly love the bright purple plaid of this one, which is the inspiration for the super-colored photos here.  So warm and wintery, but so bright and cute.  New boots from Gbberish add another level of brightness, with a furry texture and animal print, and the fit of a pair of favorite galoshes.  Loooove them!  Finally, to cover up the legs against the cold, I slipped on a pair of socks I picked up from one of Narwhal‘s newest outfits.  Alone or together, these outfit pieces can’t help but be squee.  It’s true.

Topping things off, quite literally– one of Maitreya‘s four new hairstyles.  This one is Alex, and the thick bangs are super cute, especially with Maitreya’s typically masterful soft texture.  Not too severe, but not too boring, you know?

Now… if only I had a MOVIE SCRIPT.  Or a director.  Yeah.  That would help.

Skin: Dutch Touch, Cleo Pipo in Cotton
Hair: Maitreya, Alex in Ginger
Dress: Slow Kitchen, wool check wanpi in purple
Socks: Narwhal, Purpul
Boots: Gbberish, Champagny Boots in blush

Winter Schlump

December 6, 2009

There is one good thing about being off the SL grid for a while– when you get back, you have a whole season’s worth of beautiful clothes to try on.  Today, I reveled in my accumulated mass of fashion, and fixated on creating a little Winter Schlump… you know, the kind of clothes you wear to hole up in with your friends, enjoying a hot chocolate spiked with whisky and watching old Christmas flicks.  The art of the cozy yet aesthetically pleasing schlump.

The first outfit was totally inspired by this Pr!tty hair, which was a new find for me in a tiny corner of Black Market– it is so dramatic without being fussy and formal, and it is BIG.  I love big!  And the rose-studded hair band is super sweet, no?  So sweet, in fact, that I couldn’t resist a little bad attitude…

I am also a little (err, a lot) in love with my winter whites here.  The cardigan is courtesy of Ohmai, and if she isn’t genius with creating fashion forward schlump, I don’t know who is!  The cardi here is just great, with a perfect length and hang to wear with a million things.  Complementing it here is a skirt I couldn’t love more, the Niniko skinny skirt.  Of course, leave it to Niniko to make the skinny skirt an outstanding cargo, devoid of the Mad Men sex kitten thing and all about looking cozy as can be without a hint of poof.  I adore the belt, and the sculpted pockets on the back are just GAWgeous.  To spice up the neutrals, I tossed on another tee from my incresingly tall pile of Gbberish stuff– such a statement piece!

One more thing– these BOOTS.  If I had them in rl, I just know I would have a hard time taking them off.  Ever.  Beetlebones at its best, they are quirky and comfy and so different!  The tassles make me smile like crazy, and I can’t wait to wear them in another color with another outfit and see what other magic they can spin.

Outfit One
Skin: Rockberry, Mia natural with freckles
Hair: Pr!tty, Runway model hair in Rose
Shirt: Gbberish, Urban Tees in Dark Maiden
Cardigan: Ohmai, Basic Pocket Cardigan in Nudist
Skirt: Niniko, Tight Skirt and Belt in Beige
Necklace: beetlebones, Clamshell Necklace in black and gold
TightsRoyal Blue, Line to the Crown in Toxic Spill
Bag: Royal Blue, Slouchy Pouchy in Thoughtful Nutmeg
Bootsbeetlebones, Snuggies low boots in green

Details on the other two outfits after the jump.  (Go on, jump!  I’ll catch you!)

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Two Faces of Shopping

December 4, 2009

Hello again!  Sorry for the long break, but I finally found my way back into SL this week, and have had one heck of a shopping spree.  It will take many many many blog posts to properly rhapsodize on allllll the wonderful stuff I have collected.  Even longer to catch up on all my favorite bloggers and realize I am about 6 weeks late, and all the cool kids already have this stuff!  🙂

Come to think of it, there is a lot of shopping to do everywhere lately: toy stores, grocery stores, party dresses, online gifty buys, Xmas tree, Xmas cards… on and on.  It’s a darn good thing there I love to accumulate!  But even I have my days when one more store, one more uncrossed-off-list item gets to be a bit… overwhelming.  I suppose that is where this post comes from.  The two faces of holiday shopping.

OK, so I may appear panicked,  but that is clearly not because of the way I look.  Seriously, have you seen this coat?  It is off the hook yummy, from Gbberish.  The patterns and ideas in that store make me feel like I am raiding the most awesome vintage store ever.  This pattern is called Maple in honor of the cutie maple leafs all over it, and comes with a warm-looking sweater underneath.  Can I get a squeeeee??

Because the coat is so darn toasty (and a bit floofy and bulky on bottom) I just paired it with my fave Ohmai basic sheer leggings.  I don’t know why, but these tights are a part of pretty much every outfit I put on, now that summer is over.  Oh wait, I know why– because they RAWK.  Look at the texture!  Yayyy, Ohmai!!

As if the coat isn’t distinctive enough, I had to pull on some brand spanking new shoes from Courtisane— “La Vivien”, if you please.  They are super chic, to the point where my toes seem to disappear and I’m not sure how they would do on ACTUAL ice as opposed to pixelated.  But who cares?  They look outstanding– and even with disappearing-foot technology built in, they are super easy thanks to covered toes.  (phew!  I knew there was a reason I liked winter– no skin matching…)

After the panic subsides, isn’t this the feeling you really hope to achieve?  A minute out in the snow, looking at the lights of the stores, feeling like a little kid again?  🙂  I am a raging, sappy-ass sentimentalist about the holidays, so you have to forgive my cheesiness. But I have to tell you, I felt that lovely magical holiday shopping bliss come over me when I went to Black Market to pick up some elf shoes by beetlebones— and that’s where I snapped this pic.  The sim is looking outrageously wonderful with the snowstorm on the water and the nighttime with the scattered shops all doing some fun Xmas lights.  On top of that– great Christmas sales!!  Each week for the month of December a different group of designers will be selling a limited collection item for just L$100 or less.  Up this week: the aforementioned beetlebones elf shoes and four other goodies from skream, Mudhoney, Sanu, and Tarnished.  On the 9th, a whole other group of designer exclusives will be out… head to Black Market for all the details and designer names.  So worth it!

That’s all for now, kiddies.  I’ll be trying on all my new stuff, though, and blogging it as much as I can.  Until then, ho ho ho and merry merry, and may you find your holiday shopping bliss!

Outfit Details
Coat dress: Gbberish, Isabeau Coatdress in Maple
Leggings: Ohmai, Basic Sheer Leggings in Maroon
ShoesCourtisane, Vivien in Orange
Bag: Gbberish, I Love Doggy Bag
Earrings: beetlebones, Harem earrings in golden fuchsia
Hair: Curio, Gertrude in Natural red
Skin: KA Designs, Sayria pale freckles
Poses: Diesel Works, Shake Set– BRAND NEW RELEASE!

Shopping Suggestions
Black Market: The Black Market, fashionista finds
Xmas Décor: NIRVANA Winter & Christmas Decoratations

Where Am I?

October 13, 2009

europe and sitting

I stumbled on Rumsey Maps today, and I just had to share.  I admit I’m a bit of a map geek, but what’s not to love??  Huge reproductions of antique maps, some on the ground, some flat and vertical, some suspended globes hanging above the terrain, and some are the terrain itself!  So I put on some of my favorite new casual duds, and took some touristy pics to give you a free tour. 🙂

My favorite map was the one above– an enormous old map of the world, laid out on the ground so you can walk from Siberia to South America and across all seven oceans.    After I was done checking out Europe from my seat in Tangiers, I mosied on over to India:

shoes and India

In addition to enlightening me on some of the old names of Indian cities, it was a chance for me to take a pic of some of my favorite shoes– from Periquita.  🙂  (You didn’t think I would totally ignore the fashion part, did you??)  I think they look particularly great with the Ohmai leggings, which have JUST the right length to them!

After a little admiring of footwear, I scooted into the 3D map and wandered the black and white valleys and peaks.

full view

Walking on water, I think.  The lack of blue confuses me!

close up

The big 3D reproduction of a drawing of the Grand Canyon was vivid and fascinating as well.  Kind of makes you think of what people had to look at to imagine far away places, waaaaay back when.  Not much to go on!  🙂

Have a fun, geeked out afternoon sometime and check it out!  In the meantime, here’s the deets on the outfit, and I hope you enjoyed the tour!

Skin: My Ugly Dorothy, Joe skin
Hair: W&Y, Hair 74 in Mocha
Jacket: Modd G, Kanji knit cropped jacket in brown
ShirtGbberish, Urban Tee Bleeding Heart
Skirt: Maitreya, Jules Jean Skirt in light
LeggingsOhmai, Basic Leggings in Wood
ShoesPeriquita, Too Too (color change!)
Earrings: ICED, Gold Nelly Earrings
Map Fun: David Rumsey Maps

Pink’d for Half Price

August 27, 2009

Just a quick post to spread the word about Pink‘s half off dress sale– all the dresses at the store are just half price, and that means killer bargains!  Yay!!  If you haven’t experienced Pink’s dresses, then it is definitely a great way to start.  🙂  The sale is going on until August 31.

Here are a few of the dresses on sale– just a sampling, there are plenty more!

blue dress

green dress

red dress

AND… I have saved the biggest treat for last!  The skin in these pics is from Beetlebones!  Squee!  That’s right, the cutie patootie suetabulous yootz has released her first skin, Amelie.  It is a lovely, soft skin with some great details:


I absolutely love the lips, which are so natural and feathered looking, and the body freckles make me sooooo happy!  Yay!  There are several makeups included in the pack, and on top of everything else it is extremely reasonably priced– more than worth the trip down to creator’s pavillion for a set.  🙂

That’s all for now, fellow shop-a-holics!  Enjoy your Thursday, and happy shopping!

Details and Slurls
Dress: Pink, Emi Strapless Dress in bright blue
Jeans: Madsy, Acid Washed jeans in ripped
Boots: Shiny Things, Old Boots in brown
Tank: Beetlebones, mixnmatch sweaters and wifebeaters
Necklaceluc, Nalah Long Ethnic Necklace in blue
Bracelet: eyecandy, Silver and Pale Blue Bangle set
Hair: Amacci, Olivia in deep copper
Skin: Beetlebones, Amelie tan
Dress: Pink, The Dreamer Party Dress in kiwi peony
Shoes: Kalnins, Morning Dew
Bag: Gbberish, Vera Bag
Sunglasses: Gypsy, Sassy Specs
Bracelet: +Plus, Summer Essence Bangle in olive
Hair: lamb, Teased Up in rotten carrot

Skin: Beetlebones, Amelie tan
Dress: Pink, The Cabana Dress in red
Tights: TaP Ribbed Tights (no longer available)
Shoes: [ON], Petanko Cross in aza
Hair: Waffles, Alice Practice in caramel
Skin: Beetlebones, Amelie tan
BraceletHoot, Rose Wristcuff in blush
Earrings: glow studio, Mega earrings

Errand Girl

August 18, 2009

Just a casual look for today, inspired by my endless list of errands at the moment.  When a huge list of run-here-do-that presents itself on a nice summer day which would be better spent at the beach, I can tend to get a bit cranky.  The only antidote, really, is to be sure that I procrastinate the errands as much as possible by choosing a cool outfit I will enjoy wearing.  Hence– today’s look.  I wish I had this ensemble in a RL version, for sure!


The top is a great tee I picked up at Pink, and it is really fun!  The pink and green color combo drew me in immediately. And did you get a good look at the design?  *sigh*

I paired it with a skirt that is actually part of a dress, and part of a FREE dress I got from Elate through the DSN group.  It is a great dress, but the part I really fell in love with was this skirt.  It is high waisted, which… SQUEE.  The layers are lovely.  And… (look!  look below!)


There is a mini bustle going on in the back!  How cute is that?  (Answer… impossibly cute.)

I also decided to bring out a favorite new bag of mine, from Gbberish.  This is such a cool texture, and it is fashioned like some sort of kerchief that is folded expertly… the kind that you could put on a long stick and carry on your shoulder if you were a hobo.  Cool, right?

I treated myself to some new hair, too, and this is from lamb.  I heart lamb!  The color is so sassy, fulfilling my urge for carroty redness in a still-wearable color.  Like, hyper Irish.  And the smooth, lush texture.  Mmmmm. Put that together with my beloved Miel Jane shoes and some ruffly socks, because… well, comfort doesn’t have to be ugly!

skin detail

Speaking of ugly– or not… I am also trying out my newest skin splurge, from My Ugly Dorothy.  The detail is uniquely lovely: the slightly chapped lips are executed so perfectly, the little beauty mark on the lip… yay!  I think the best part is that I can wear this skin when I do not want to look like I had 4 hours to do my makeup, when I just want to look like a girl who rolled out of bed, had a bowl of cereal, and is now on her way to the dry cleaners.  It is beautiful in the most raw way.   (Well, as raw as a gorgeous, glowing complexion can look.  :))

OK… in case you hadn’t guessed, this post was MY way of procrastinating a few errands.  Time to face RL, the supermarket, the drug store, the post office, and the DMV.  Must… motivate…

In the meantime– happy shopping!!

Skin: My Ugly Dorothy, Joe 1
Hair: lamb, Baby’s on Fire in sunset
Shirt:   Pink, Glam Graphic Tee in shamrock
Skirt: Elate, Amy in Sky – just the skirt part of the dress
SocksSn@tch, Lolli ankle socks in pink
Shoes: Miel, Plaid Jane in dark
Bag: Gbberish, Pappillon wrap bag
EarringsPididdle, Feather Earrings
Ring: LaGyo, Octupus Ring (from Designer’s United Event)

Housewife on Holiday

August 15, 2009

drinky drinky

Martinis and boat-shaped bars… that seems like the perfect holiday to me!  I swear, if you take away the grueling housework and pervasive sexism, there had to be nothing better than 1950’s housewifery!  The style and silhouettes, the evening cocktails… well, the fantasy lives on.  🙂

To be honest, the inspiration for this holiday was the top: a 50L Friday special from one of my favoritist stores, Whippet and Buck.  The cropped boatneck silhouette is sooooo adorable, and as soon as I put it on, I time travelled back to 1958.  There is phenomenal detailing on the back, with a reverse cardigan effect, and patterned stitching on the seam.  (See third pic)  I paired it with my absolute favorite new skirt, which I have been waiting to blog, waiting for the right outfit to appear… and here it is!  This is the Dorothy skirt from Gibberish, and I adore it.  The little sad girl on the front, the pleating, the bell shape– it is all wonderful.

leaning on bar

Oh, and the hair!  I have fallen in love again– it happens a lot with SL shopping– and this time it is with epoque hair.  Totally squee-worthy styles that are fashiony and geometric and so cool.  I went there during the 50L Friday, and ended up with 5 new hairstyles instead.  Such is the lure of the uniquely shaped hair…

Another new acquisition is this necklace from Pididdle.  Yay!  The feather on the end of the beads sways gently as you move… it is so genius, and so cute, and soooo out of the ordinary.

close up on details

This whole look really came together with a new Laqroki skin– April in Milky.  OK, I admit, I went to LAQ to pick up their NEW new skin, Jessica, but then when I saw April, a redhead skin I had missed, I could not resist it!  I have red eyebrows!  Heeee!!!  Finally, a skin just for me.  One note: I did buy the Jessica as well.  And I am thrilled with both of these skins.  I have been a loooongtime fan of this skin line, and I wore my RAC skin into the ground long before the store changed to LAQ.  I adore the things that have stayed the same as the skins have progressed over the last couple years: the undeniable cuteness, the realism, and the natural makeups.  This glow skin really does take it up a notch, though, and the lovely sheen on the skin is worth every penny.

So, that’s it for now…  Pour another martini, dear, and let’s start the holiday!

Skin: Laqroki, April in Milky
Hair: epoque, Love Child in Cinnamon
Top: W&B, Lizzy Cropped Boatneck in coral
Skirt: Gbberish, Dorothy Pleated Skirt
Shoes: Redgrave, Strap Heels in Orange
Necklace: Pididdle, Maco Necklace
Boat Bar: BLONDE, boat shaped cocktail bar