Winter Schlump

December 6, 2009

There is one good thing about being off the SL grid for a while– when you get back, you have a whole season’s worth of beautiful clothes to try on.  Today, I reveled in my accumulated mass of fashion, and fixated on creating a little Winter Schlump… you know, the kind of clothes you wear to hole up in with your friends, enjoying a hot chocolate spiked with whisky and watching old Christmas flicks.  The art of the cozy yet aesthetically pleasing schlump.

The first outfit was totally inspired by this Pr!tty hair, which was a new find for me in a tiny corner of Black Market– it is so dramatic without being fussy and formal, and it is BIG.  I love big!  And the rose-studded hair band is super sweet, no?  So sweet, in fact, that I couldn’t resist a little bad attitude…

I am also a little (err, a lot) in love with my winter whites here.  The cardigan is courtesy of Ohmai, and if she isn’t genius with creating fashion forward schlump, I don’t know who is!  The cardi here is just great, with a perfect length and hang to wear with a million things.  Complementing it here is a skirt I couldn’t love more, the Niniko skinny skirt.  Of course, leave it to Niniko to make the skinny skirt an outstanding cargo, devoid of the Mad Men sex kitten thing and all about looking cozy as can be without a hint of poof.  I adore the belt, and the sculpted pockets on the back are just GAWgeous.  To spice up the neutrals, I tossed on another tee from my incresingly tall pile of Gbberish stuff– such a statement piece!

One more thing– these BOOTS.  If I had them in rl, I just know I would have a hard time taking them off.  Ever.  Beetlebones at its best, they are quirky and comfy and so different!  The tassles make me smile like crazy, and I can’t wait to wear them in another color with another outfit and see what other magic they can spin.

Outfit One
Skin: Rockberry, Mia natural with freckles
Hair: Pr!tty, Runway model hair in Rose
Shirt: Gbberish, Urban Tees in Dark Maiden
Cardigan: Ohmai, Basic Pocket Cardigan in Nudist
Skirt: Niniko, Tight Skirt and Belt in Beige
Necklace: beetlebones, Clamshell Necklace in black and gold
TightsRoyal Blue, Line to the Crown in Toxic Spill
Bag: Royal Blue, Slouchy Pouchy in Thoughtful Nutmeg
Bootsbeetlebones, Snuggies low boots in green

Details on the other two outfits after the jump.  (Go on, jump!  I’ll catch you!)

Okay, so I know that was a casual skirt, but sometimes anything but jeans just feels toooooo much.  So– I dragged on these jeans, which are the fanciest pixelated pants I have ever worn!  They have holes in them, sure, but they look like a wonderfully decorated Christmas tree… or a department store window… or a frosted sugar cookie.  Absolutely delightful, and all thanks to the Weekend Fever hunt I did yesterday, which led me to Holly Pocket for the first time ever.  If these unique jeans are any indication of the rest of the collection there, I know I will be making many return trips.

The sweatshirt/sweater combo is something that has been unjustly languishing in my inventory for too long.  amerie’s naughty is such a unique and cool little place, and I find I only want to wear that stuff when I am ready for a STATEMENT PIECE, you know?  Well, here, with these jeans already on, why hold back?  Literal “statement piece” coming right up… and a good anti-holiday sentiment it is!

Outfit Two
Skin: Nylon Outfitters, Gap Tooth Plain skin
Hair: Curio, Post-ironic 2b in natural red
Sweatshirt (both layers): amerie’s naughty, Selfish Girl in gray
Jeans: Holly Pocket, Stix Jeans in Chewy Cherry (Weekend Fever item!)
Shoes: Redgrave, black-striped sneakers
Earrings: beetlebones, Harem earrings in Jasmine steel

Last but not least, I just had to find something to wear with this motorcycle jacket– another Niniko purchase.  The details here are just out of control– the fit, the length, the buckles, the collar, the supple looking texture!  I simply adore this, and may have to go back for the other 5 colors, too!

I think it is a tribute to the jacket’s versatility that I could pair it with a dress called ladybug, and it still makes total sense.  AND a tribute to the adorable dress as well!  But no surprise, really.  I wear my beetlebones pieces a lot, and they seem to transform to almost any styling I subject them to.  Total versatility!

Outfit Three
Skin: Rock Candy, Aki light skin with glossy lips
Hair and hat: epoque, Overpaid stylist in tomato
Dress: beetlebones, bubbly silk in ladybug
Jacket: Niniko, Soft rider in black
Jeans: Madsy, Acid Wash jeans
Boots: Shiny Things, old boots in black

That’s it for now!  Enjoy your Sunday Winter Schlump, all, and see you soon.  (I’ll try to dress up a little for next time… promise!)


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