Panty Raid

July 2, 2010

Yesterday I was looking through my inventory, and I realized I didn’t have any panties.  Not like, “I have thousands of dresses, but what will I wear?” I could really only find two pairs of old ratty panties at the bottom of my inventory drawer.

This was not always the case.  I used to be an escort (don’t judge!  I was a poor l’il noob!) and panties were my primary item of clothing.  But three years later I have ditched or sold all my lingerie and don’t have a pair of knickers to save my soul.  Even more shocking… I didn’t know where to buy more!  SL evolves fast and with three years between me and my last underwear purchase I was lost and going commando.

SO… this blog post is a chronicle of me finding my way back into the world of panties.  I wonder if some of you have forgotten the art of undergarments, as well?  Whether you are looking for functional undies or something hot-cha-cha enough to make a good dog break his leash, I hope you find something you like in these pics and the slurls and details that follow.  Take a stroll with me down the aisles of what I think are some of the best panty shops in-world:

Here we go… PANTY RAID!!!

Built for comfort, not for speed…

The name of this panty and bra set from Fishy Strawberry says it all.  Laundry Day panties, nothing too fancy, just good old comfort and a gentle reminder that it is time to do a load of unmentionables before your boyfriend comes over.  Still, although they resist being labelled sexy, they are wonderfully made and detailed, and the fit on the crotch is fantastic.  And as you can see from the pic, they may not be come hither, but they do have a bit of “cheek”!

Sugar and Spice

If you have gone anywhere near Fifty Linden Fridays in the last couple of months, I know you have some of these Frilly Little Knickers in your drawer.  Whippet & Buck puts out a new color or print of these panties almost every time it participates.  Not that I am complaining– would you?  I went into the store on a non-Friday and bought the matching bra, in Cherry Blossom.  These just look like summer to me, fresh and comfy and with a little twirl of girliness to make you feel pretty when you pull them on.

Killing the Blues

I adore this panty set, and it is from a store I had no idea existed until a day ago.  Pacadi Jasha is a treasure trove of bras and knickers which match, but… don’t.  It is a wonderful idea, since it reconstructs what I (and other people, right?) do on a daily basis.  We match, but we don’t have dozens of perfectly matching sets laying around.  In this case, I chose their fresh bright turquoise Mia Bra, and the polka-dotted Secret Panties.  Sporty and Sexy Spice, all rolled into one!

I love being a girl

You didn’t think I would buy all my panties in cotton, did you?  🙂  Here is a gorgeous satin set from Insolence, a store that has been around so long I actually remember the name.  This is the Satin Ensemble in pink, and I am wearing the camisole with prim frill. (The set also comes with a schmexy bra layer.)  The sheen, the detail, and the femininity just bubbling over in this set… nomnomnom. 🙂

All that jazz

Here we go– some real bells and whistles!  This set and its sisters have been blogged all over the place, and with good reason.  Phoenix Rising has released a vaguely retro, full-on sexy assault of new lingerie.  I chose this one, Pout, in red because it is not for the faint of heart.  One of my favorite things here is the exquisite detail in the garter and hose.  Look at those buckles!  And the way the hose pulls up just in the right spots!  *Squeeee*  Really a delicious bit of handiwork and a damn sexy set.

Luxe and Luscious

OK.  If you are looking for something to wear to BLOW HIS MIND, to make him kneel to the goddess that resides in your skin and spoil the empress you know yourself to be– you need to head to Shai.  Shai specializes in luxe fabrics, rich detailing, and lingerie, thank you very much– not your everyday laundry panties.  I love this one, which makes me feel like a czarina (although it is called, more Euro-ishly, the Marquise.) The fur floof on the bottom of the corset, the whisper-thin hose, and the barely visible thong… *sigh*.  In the end, it all adds up to giving your honey the royal treatment.


(phew! I needs a glass of water to cool off here…)

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