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Festivals of Flowers and Stars

July 5, 2010

For me, summer festivals are the bestest part of the season.  Sure, I love the beach and vacation and lazing around on weekends drinking beer at barbecues.  But there is something perfectly wonderful about wandering around a festival with a crispy sugary piece of fried dough, browsing through shop stalls, playing games of chance, and people watching.  *happy sigh*

You will understand, then, why I am so FREAKING excited by the plethora of summer fashion festivals all over SL these days.  I haven’t been able to cover them all yet, or even the very biggest (that will be its own post).  Today I am highlighting two of my smaller, quirky faves.   Not just because they are filled with excellent shopping– though they are.  The design and feel of these festivals is so… *happy sigh*.  Believe me, you will have fun!

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Random Newishness

September 8, 2009

It has been a craaaaaazy week, and one which didn’t allow for much blogging, shopping, or picturing!  Sorry for the break, but I’ll try to catch up with a few outfits using some of the best new stuff I have gotten my pixelated paws on…


As a child of the 80s and 90s, I treasure my Nintendo memories, and these jeans from The Sea Hole made me smile and laugh out loud!  Great acid wash on them, and to top it off, a tribute to Super Mario on each thigh.  *sigh*  Adorable!  To let them stand out, I paired them with bold solids, including a favorite sweatshirt from Fishy Strawberry with the coolest length imaginable… I’ve never see a bolero sweatshirt in real life, but I think they should catch on immediately!  Imagine, all the coolness of a sweatshirt without hiding womanly curves.  Yay!  Add in the clogs from Tesla in a bold green, and I could totally imagine playing around in these duds.



The middle outfit here is all based around this excellent new dress from Elate, called the Penelope.  It has a simple, sexy top with a fish scale skirt that totally rocks.  I played the glamness of it down just a bit with this long vest from MayoNaise, which I got at the Black Market opening weekend.  Such cool ruffles on the bottom, and a clever use of skirt prim that does NOT require a special shape!  The shoes are part of a shopping spree I had at a store I recently discovered, R2 Fashion.  WOW.  Great wearable and funky shapes, in a ton of cool colors.

(more details and slurls after the break)

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