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Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Black Market

August 25, 2009

Jump Ship

The Black Market is a brand new shopping area, and it.  Is.  Impressive.  SQUEE!!

It is not the usual mall set up, either by design or by function.  The “olde-pirate-o’-fashion” scene it creates is super fun, and the shop stalls are a maze of small rooms around a tiny central cove.  Quality designers from different genres in SL are setting up stalls to share their sales and exclusives.   That’s right– a place to shop some of the most creative, cool designers in SL that is devoted to sales and exclusives!  Hee!

Sales and discounted items from each designer will be rotated regularly in 2-3 week intervals, which of course gives shopping addicts a reason to go back again and again, despite the relatively small size of each shop.  My favorite part, I think, was the small collection of dinghies in the middle of the cove, with all the free stuff in them!  A clever idea, and a central area for anyone who just wants the free and 1L items.  Yayyyyy.

I, of course, could not resist a full tour and dropping more than a few Lindens, so here are some of my fave new pieces:

(lots of booty pics… errr, PIRATE booty… with slurls after the jump.)

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Procrastinators Alert: Skipping Stones Hunt

August 23, 2009

Yes, the Skipping Stones Hunt has been going on for almost two weeks now, and I have just gotten around to doing it.  *sigh*  Hey, I can’t be too disappointed, though, because it doesn’t matter WHEN you do it, what matters is– do you like your new loot?!?

The short answer is YES YES YES!  There are some super-fantastic cute things on this hunt, and I did find stores I had never heard of before that I really liked.  What a great side benefit to hunting– new shopping places!  Yayyy!

For those who have been under a rock (or on vacation) for the last two weeks, the hunt highlights the best bohemian and alternative stores in SL, and has been running since August 10.  The last day of the hunt is August 24, which is… tomorrow!  So if you are a procrastinator like me, you better get your hustle on and start looking for rocks.


There is toooooo much in the 60+ stores to spotlight everything, but I did notice a lot of bikinis in my swag… so here is a look at the swimsuits of the hunt, paired with some hunted skin and hair as well.  Everything is free, of course, it just takes a little time to find each hidden stone.  (If you are interested in speeding up your time, try these official hints.)

Have fun, and when you are ready, START HERE.  Good luck!  ❤

Notes and Slurls
(from left to right)
Bikini: Doux Petit Dahl, Summer Heat bikini
Skin: Loser, Una-Brow
Bikini: Artilleri, Renee bikini
Skin: Imagen, Irene Sunscreen
Hair: Clawtooth, You Say Tomato
Bikini: Pig Shop, Ozfest ’97 bikini and super cool hangy top
Hair: Wot?, Hair 16
Bikini: Addict, Green Kini
Hair: House of Hearts, Ruby