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When Only 1988 Will Do.

June 23, 2010

My latest workout mix is a tribute to the late 80s.  Besides the obvious appeal of synthesized musical goodness, it makes me smile just to listen to it.  I remember my big sister going to junior high dances, all side ponytailed up, Aqua Net in her bag, and thinking… man, some day I will be as cool as that.

Well, by the time I got that old, grunge had set in, and I was thwarted.  Flannel and dirty hair are fine in their way, but it would never satisfy that urge of mine to have a candy colored wardrobe and bright pink lipstick.  So, as is so often the case, I am inflicting my subconscious yearnings on you via SL fashion.  Look out! 🙂

This mood and look all came from one new purchase: Emery‘s one shoulder top.  It is simply SQUEE, in bright capital letters!  Besides the cleverness on the front, which makes me smile, the colors.  Are. Perfect.  Looooove!  Only one pair of pants in my (extensive) inventory was capable of holding its own with this shirt.  That would be the fabulous and quirky ziggy starbutt pants from the Sea Hole.  This store is a completely bizarre, completely wonderful place.  I got these pants a while ago, so I’m listing them here, hoping they are still on sale.  If not– eh, you will find other brilliance there, so I’m not going to apologize!

Now, let’s talk shoes.  These flip flops from creamshop are, in my book, a necessary purchase for the summer.  The toes are just genius, and the choice of nail polish and skin color are easy and rewarding.  Looking at these, I want to wiggle my feets in some sand RIGHT NOW.

Lastly, the W&Y hair.  Does any hair place walk the line between wearable and couture like W&Y?  I don’t think so!  I have so very many styles in my hair folder, and whenever I want an outfit to pop, I try a few on.  LOVE.

So– go get your Whitney Houston albums out, y’all, and have a great time playing dress up!  Happy shopping…

Outfit details
Top: Emery, 93% Interested in gray
Jeans: The Sea Hole, Ziggy Starbutt Jeans in hawtpink
Shoes: creamshop, Beach Sandals in pink
Belt: Maitreya, Coin Belt in beige
Skin: Nylon Outfitters, Pale Teeth Gap, in touch of pink
Hair: W&Y, Hair 90 in mocha

Bling a Ding Ding

August 7, 2009

Bling Girl 2Since this is the first post of my brand new lookbook blog, I wanted to go all out and set a high class tone.  Or, maybe I have just been watching too much Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane lately.  In any case, my av just couldn’t resist piling on her best bling.

Bling Girl 1

First up, I finally found a chance to wear this dress that has been sitting in my SL closet for a month.  It’s from Gigi Couture, and it has such a  fantastic neckline detail!  Sequin-encrusted halter top?  Yes, please.  🙂  The layers are really cute and well done, I think, and the skirt has two options– this one is the smaller skirt, which fits more like a long top, but there is a big poofy one that gives the dress a different, somewhat sweeter vibe.

Next, the  shoes.  Stiletto Moody makes some amazing shoes… I got these ages ago, when the store was still new and prices were somewhat more reasonable, which makes me love them all the more!  They are my favorites from Moody because of this diamond encrusted look they have all over the toe and heel.  Yummy.

My shoes were something old, which called for me to add in something new– and that is my brand spanking new bracelet from DeLa.  This bracelet is amazing not only because it is totally gorg, but also because the set comes with three different options, all fairly fantastic.  This big heavy cuff is my personal favorite, but if you are a subtle gal, you will appreciate the more delicate options it comes with, too.

Bling Girl 3

To top it off, I put on some new Emery Aviator sunglasses, with silver rims and an icy blue lens that I just adore.  And of course I couldn’t resist my beloved Love Soul Nails, dotted with jewels and taking this outfit from over the top to OVAH THE TOP.

So… welcome to Impeccables!  Get your jewels on, and pull up a chair… more looks coming soon!

Dress: Gigi Couture, Funky layered dress in stripes
Tights: Ohmai, Basics sheer leggings in navy
Shoes: Stiletto Moody, Silver Stud pump in gray
Sunglasses: Emery, Aviator Sunglasses in blue
Bracelet: DeLa, Bangle Arta in silver
Hair: Maitreya, Moon in ginger
Skin: Curio, Petal, April in Crocus