Moving Day

June 5, 2010

Moving in real life is not easy or fun.  Moving back into SL after a big break… easier, more fun, and much much cheaper!  🙂

That said, there are lots of things that need to be set up all over again, and loads of shopping to do just to get a handle on what is *now*.  Phew!  That can certainly take it out of a girl.  So, this morning I dressed down and had a little bit of inventory rediscovery, organized my closet once again, and dressed for a bit of HARD WORK.

(More pics and details after the jump…)

Niniko is tooooooooo wonderful.  How much do I love their stuff?  Yesterday I almost RE-bought something of theirs which I already own.  In the same color.  (Such is the lure of squeelicious casual gear.)  Speaking of squee– this is Niniko’s “big shirt” in stripey white, and it will certainly be making repeat appearances all summer.  So versatile, and so cleverly constructed, it even works great with my somewhat bendy/difficult AO.

The shorts are a brand new find, from Young Urban.  I adore Trevor’s blog, and so it surprised me not at all to squeal in delight at the 50L offering he put forth yesterday– these shorts.  Or as Young Urban more eloquently calls them, “Summers at English Bay.” Ahhhh.  It makes you feel like these shorts have a memory… one you want to share!  🙂

The hair is a brand new purchase, from another shopping trail– Project Themeory.  This week’s theme was Harajuku, and it is fun, y’all.  (It continues through all of Saturday, so not too late!)  Shag released this new hair as part of that theme, and for just 75L is comes in 3 colors: blonde, brunette, and candy floss pink.  Yay!

And… the BUNNY.  Have you met my bunny??

A mighty tough chair to fit through the door, but oh-so worth it.  This treasure from Pink Fuel comes in four colors, and has 5 separate sitting positions.  I am in the tamest position here, given that it was a long day of moving… but you can ride the leg, or hang off the ear, too.  LOVE.

That’s about it for now.  Now that I’m unpacked and settled, I’m sure I’ll see you again soon.  Until then, happy shopping!

Outfit details
Shirt: Niniko, Big shirts in stripe white
Tank top: Monkey.me, discontinued
Shorts: Young Urban, Summers at English Bay in blue
Shoes: Redgrave, Athlete Heels in black and gray
Hair: Shag, Star me kitten in espresso
Skin: Curio, Elf in Petal, gold dust makeup
Big Bunny: Pink Fuel, Sad Bunny Chair in black  

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