Blog Break

February 24, 2010

Hello and goodbye… for a little bit.  I’ve been recruited by SD-6 for a secret mission, and I will be in deep cover for a couple of months.

Errr, I mean, I have just landed a gig on a dog sledding expedition in the Arctic, and will be living in tundra and having a death-defying adventure for the foreseeable future.

Ummm… would you believe that the dog ate my computer?

The boring truth is, I am setting up my own RL freelance business and with all the work involved I am just not finding the time I need to log in to SL and squee over all the amazing fashion which needs (and deserves) to be squeed over.  So… a short spell on the time out bench for Jenopolis. Once things settle into a manageable groove again, I will be back refreshed and ready for a monstrously large shopping spree!  🙂  The wonderful thing about SL is how just 1 or 2 months can result in a veritable renaissance of pixelated clothing on offer, don’t you think?

Will miss you until I see you again, and don’t be afraid to check out my recommended blogs to the right.  They are all pretty dern fantabulous!  MUAH!


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