Hodgepodge of Style

August 26, 2009

I honestly can’t believe how much happens in a single day or two of SL time… I took the weekend off, and spent yesterday shopping to see all the things my group notices told me I missed! 🙂

One of those notices alerted me to a new sugarcube store in Hodgepodge.  Yayy!  So I started at sugarcube and spent a lovely couple of hours scouring the whole Hodgepodge shopping sim.  In the end, I threw these outfits together based on the inspiration from alllll the great stuff I found.

big one 2

The hair here is from bffae, a new store that has some very very cute styles!  Here, I have used their Doll Babe, featuring a lovely bun on the top, and Retro Girl, a nice shag with seriously great bangs.  I am looking forward to seeing more from these guys!

The red dress is from Karamia, and I could not resist the bubbleskirt or the flouncy big sleeves.  It just looks like it would be soooo comfortable as well as chic!  The stripes are a lovely texture, with subtle shading up and down the dress.  I used the big, open neckline to spotlight another find from a store in Hodgepodge: Addict‘s appropriately named Doll Necklace.  That store makes me smile, with all the clever and unique accessories!

big one

The second outfit is almost entirely thanks to sugarcube.  Ahhhhh, sugarcube, what have I done to deserve you??  🙂  Yayyyyy a thousand times to this jacket and ruffled shirt, actually found at the Black Market sim, not Hodgepodge.  I can’t say anything about them that you can’t see for yourself, so I will let them express their own utter awesomeness.  The skirt *is* one I picked up at the Hodgepodge sugarcube store, and the bubble and waist are simply lovely– so versatile, I am not ashamed to say I bought all four colors!

To accent the sugarcube outfit with a bit of color, I surrendered to splurging on shoes at Periquita.  I was so delighted by the way these styles effortlessly walk the line between uniquely creative and simple and wearable.  Really outstanding!  To top it off, the shoes have a HUD that lets you customize each pair in many ways: sole, straps, texture, size, etc.  Wow!  All that, and I felt like I was really getting a bargain, in the end…

close up

And finally, I brought out two new skins from KA Designs, from the new Glow collection.  They really live up to the name– truly luminous and subtle.  I especially like the detail on the Charlize face, with the small beauty marks on the pale skin.  Lovely!

That’s it for now… happy shopping, and see you soon!

Hair: bffae, Doll Babe in Carrot
Skin: KA Designs, Charlize 2 in pale
Dress: Karamia, Jersey Tunic in red
Necklace: Addict, Doll Necklace
Leg Warmers: BAX, Wool legwarmer in night
Bracelet: Hoot, Cherry Blossom Bracelet
Shoes: Maitreya, Slinky Stilettos in black
Hair: bffae, Retro Babe in Carrot
Skin: KA Designs, Eris in Sunkissed
Shirt: sugarcube, Ruffled Silk Shirt
Jacket: sugarcube, Peplum Jacket
Skirt: sugarcube, Powder Skirt in grey
Leggings: !Ohmai,  Basics Sheer Leggings
Shoes: Periquita, Too Too Shoes

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