Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Black Market

August 25, 2009

Jump Ship

The Black Market is a brand new shopping area, and it.  Is.  Impressive.  SQUEE!!

It is not the usual mall set up, either by design or by function.  The “olde-pirate-o’-fashion” scene it creates is super fun, and the shop stalls are a maze of small rooms around a tiny central cove.  Quality designers from different genres in SL are setting up stalls to share their sales and exclusives.   That’s right– a place to shop some of the most creative, cool designers in SL that is devoted to sales and exclusives!  Hee!

Sales and discounted items from each designer will be rotated regularly in 2-3 week intervals, which of course gives shopping addicts a reason to go back again and again, despite the relatively small size of each shop.  My favorite part, I think, was the small collection of dinghies in the middle of the cove, with all the free stuff in them!  A clever idea, and a central area for anyone who just wants the free and 1L items.  Yayyyyy.

I, of course, could not resist a full tour and dropping more than a few Lindens, so here are some of my fave new pieces:

(lots of booty pics… errr, PIRATE booty… with slurls after the jump.)


This whole outfit happened after I found these fantastic shorts from !Ohmai… squeelicious, and very couture pirate, no?  🙂  They come in two versions, short and long, and I am wearing the short ones here.  The fringe on the bottom is absolutely adorable, and the rope and pirate gear in the huge prim pockets– genius and so funny!  I paired it with a tee that is actually a freebie from Miseria, found in one of the little boats of the cove.  It is called the Hook tank, and when I put it on I realized why– look:


“Hello, My Name Is… Hook”??  GENIUS!  I adore this tank.  I layered a new Black Market necklace over it, a fantastic anchor from Beetlebones that adds a sort of gangster pirate fusion look?  I adore it, AND, the necklace comes in four colors, which I love even more!

Now, for the skin and hair.  These are both brilliant and from Black Market– the skin is vive9, and it is a limited edition skin that will be available just until September 1.  So hurry hurry hurry!  I love vive9, and this one does not disappoint!  The hair is from Miel, and it is my first Miel hair– I must say, I was not at all surprised when I put it on and smiled at the soft perfection of it.  It *is* Miel, after all!  I highly, highly recommend it, and if you are on the fence, there are some great demos that should convince you.  I can’t wait for more Miel hair, now…

writers block

This second look was actually inspired by the outstanding freebie desk set from Modd G. at Black Market.  Yay!  The pose is wonderful, and you can see the detail that went into the parchment and all the accouterments:

desk shot(Hey, you can also check out the Miel hair from a different angle!)

So the desk is superb, and just the right Boho outfit popped out at me when I thought, “hmmm, writer of bootleg tales”… this Doppleganger dress is gloriously bare in the front and back, at the top.  And this color!  LOVE!  I really can’t get enough of this dress.  I added a hysterically funny and wonderful little tee from toastface.  Ghosts!  Haunted pirate ship, anyone?  🙂

So, to sum up this long and rather rambly entry: Black Market = awesomeness + quite a few freebies.

Happy shopping!

Slurl to Black Market
Skin: vive9, Maya Light Sweety Skin (only until September 1!)
Hair: Miel, BM Hair in red 4
Outfit One
Tshirt: toastface, ghost doodles in purple
Dress: Doppleganger, Messina Dress in Foglia
Boots: [ON], Wo boots
Desk: Modd G., The Soulful and Poetic Table Set (freebie!)
Outfit Two
Tank: Miseria, Hook Tank (freebie!)
Shorts: !Ohmai, Sparrow Rendezvous in Royal Rush
Necklace: Beetlebones, Anchorage Necklace in Goldish
Hair Flower: Split Pea, I feel so shiny good about you
Shoes: hoorenbeek, Slip Ons in Girl Prints


  1. awww cute pirate look xD

    • Thank you, Newreem! That means so much coming from you, you fashionista genius!! 🙂 MUAH! love!

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