Designers United… for Jellyfish!

August 16, 2009

Get ready to squee: yesterday the Designer’s United Event opened!  This time the theme was Jellyfish, a very appropriate theme for August in my neck of the woods.  The range of creations is amazing… everything from poses to hair to clothing and accessories, with some interpretations of jellyfish being more literal than others.  In any case, the proof is in the Lindens– I could not reel in my shopping impulses and I promptly bought out the whole store of things for my virtual closet.

Is that crazy of me?  You be the judge:


close up bustier

First off– the skin.  JM:Mai has created two versions of a Jellyfish skin, and this one is called water.  It is utterly lovely, with freckles and a translucent glow that really does recall the look of a jellyfish, but in a non-costumey, flattering and wearable way.   The makeup on the face is all courtesy of the skin, but the tattoo below the neck is not.  That is an adorably affordable creation from Duboo, rendering Jellyfish as cartoonish and colorful things which… well, I would like to IMAGINE they are.

Adding to the adorable factor of this outfit is the uber-fun two tone hair from Ohmai, which has my fave ginger as the base with a big streak of lemony yellow threaded in the braid from the back.  There are other color combinations available, too, and the style is so hipster and does mimic jellyfishy tentacles very cleverly.

The bustier top is from This is a Fawn, and while it is not the most literal of jellyfish interpretations, it certainly is squeelicious and has great gradiation of colors and texture!  I paired that with some freebie tights from Royal Blue, and some genius poofer shorts from Gigi, for a funky little hipster Jelly girl look.

(Another outfit and all the slurls, after the jump)

Niniko dress

close up niniko

THIS DRESS!  It is from Niniko, and is soooooo wonderfully walking the line between and updated 1920’s flapper and the exact shape and translucence of a jellyfish.  It made me feel sooo girly and pretty and delicate and dangerous underneath… heh heh.  I have nothing but love for it, and I am having a hard time taking it off right now.

To cut the sweet tooth of it, I paired it with the Singing Moth Necklace which depicts jellyfish as they usually look to me in RL– toothy, malicious things bent on inflicting a little pain to all intruders into their ocean!  The whimsy is so clearly here, though, that it avoids being too macabre.

Finally, I literally topped it off with a stunning Waffles hair, the name of which has nothing to do with jellyfish: Fargo jumps in the farm.  ??  Well, the name is cute, if not jellyish, and the shape is certainly reminiscent of the little critter!  Although I usually have little room in my collection for hair that doesn’t come in red (or close), I think this caramel may just make a few reappearances, if only because I love the fullness around the face and the tiny long braid extending down in the back.  Yay!

So… crazy to buy everything?  I think not!  🙂  And what you see here is not even half of what is on offer.  Do yourself a favor and get down to the Designer’s United Event before it closes on the 25th.  I promise you, even if you are not a jellyfish lover, you will find something that tickles your fancy.  (TICKLES, not stings!)

Style Notes
Designer’s United: For all the designs listed below with no slurl, THIS is the place to get them!
Poses: chicada by nilGiha, Jellyfish soul dreaming
Skin: JM:Mai skin, Jellisizm in water
Bustier: This is a Fawn, Yr Just Jelly Bustier
Hair: Ohmai, Tiffee in Ginger Lemon
Shorts: Gigi Couture, Black Poofer Shorts
Tattoo: DUBOO, Jellylove Tattoo
Earrings: LaGyo, Jellyfish Earrings
Tights: Royal Blue, Line to the Crown Tights in Cookie Monster (free gift)
Shoes: caLLie cLine, Happy Flats Max Pack in blue paisley
Dress: Niniko, kurage dress
Necklace: Singing Moth, Ugly Grinning Berry Jelly Necklace
Hair: Waffles, Fargo jumps in the farm in caramel
Shoes: Baiastice, Querelle in white

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