Housewife on Holiday

August 15, 2009

drinky drinky

Martinis and boat-shaped bars… that seems like the perfect holiday to me!  I swear, if you take away the grueling housework and pervasive sexism, there had to be nothing better than 1950’s housewifery!  The style and silhouettes, the evening cocktails… well, the fantasy lives on.  🙂

To be honest, the inspiration for this holiday was the top: a 50L Friday special from one of my favoritist stores, Whippet and Buck.  The cropped boatneck silhouette is sooooo adorable, and as soon as I put it on, I time travelled back to 1958.  There is phenomenal detailing on the back, with a reverse cardigan effect, and patterned stitching on the seam.  (See third pic)  I paired it with my absolute favorite new skirt, which I have been waiting to blog, waiting for the right outfit to appear… and here it is!  This is the Dorothy skirt from Gibberish, and I adore it.  The little sad girl on the front, the pleating, the bell shape– it is all wonderful.

leaning on bar

Oh, and the hair!  I have fallen in love again– it happens a lot with SL shopping– and this time it is with epoque hair.  Totally squee-worthy styles that are fashiony and geometric and so cool.  I went there during the 50L Friday, and ended up with 5 new hairstyles instead.  Such is the lure of the uniquely shaped hair…

Another new acquisition is this necklace from Pididdle.  Yay!  The feather on the end of the beads sways gently as you move… it is so genius, and so cute, and soooo out of the ordinary.

close up on details

This whole look really came together with a new Laqroki skin– April in Milky.  OK, I admit, I went to LAQ to pick up their NEW new skin, Jessica, but then when I saw April, a redhead skin I had missed, I could not resist it!  I have red eyebrows!  Heeee!!!  Finally, a skin just for me.  One note: I did buy the Jessica as well.  And I am thrilled with both of these skins.  I have been a loooongtime fan of this skin line, and I wore my RAC skin into the ground long before the store changed to LAQ.  I adore the things that have stayed the same as the skins have progressed over the last couple years: the undeniable cuteness, the realism, and the natural makeups.  This glow skin really does take it up a notch, though, and the lovely sheen on the skin is worth every penny.

So, that’s it for now…  Pour another martini, dear, and let’s start the holiday!

Skin: Laqroki, April in Milky
Hair: epoque, Love Child in Cinnamon
Top: W&B, Lizzy Cropped Boatneck in coral
Skirt: Gbberish, Dorothy Pleated Skirt
Shoes: Redgrave, Strap Heels in Orange
Necklace: Pididdle, Maco Necklace
Boat Bar: BLONDE, boat shaped cocktail bar

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